Traditional Marketing

Traditional TV & Radio are great broad reach advertising mediums, but there is lots to know & understand… Here are some of the services we provide to make sure your TV and/or Radio advertising is working!

  • Evaluate available spot times, programs, rates & ratings to reach your preferred target audience
  • Compose/construct targeted creative to get the attention of today’s busy consumer
  • Monitor and adjust media buys as they run and as results come in to maximize R.O.I.
  • Work with your local attorneys and manufacturers to assure all messages are compliant with state laws and manufacture guidelines
  • Negotiate PSA and No Charge added value whenever possible
  • Provide weekly log times showing when/where your spots can be seen/heard.
  • Evaluate buys and hold stations accountable for all promised points that means that if less viewers/listeners where reached than promised, Stations owe you no charge buys can be negotiated and placed.
  • Submit any needed materials to manufacturers that offer co-op to get any and all available reimbursement of dollars spent.

Types of Traditional Media

  • Broadcast Television – ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.
  • Cable Television – Comcast, Direct, Dish, etc.
  • OTT – (Over the Top) or streaming TV
  • HD Radio – Radio stations broadcasting in HD
  • Streaming Radio – Radio online