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Getting new customers is a great thing for any business. But it can be difficult to really understand their shopping and buying habits—how they heard about you, why they decided to buy, and what the actual cost was in getting them to sign on the dotted line.

But now there is a tool that can give you answers to all these questions. ROI Detective is the all-in-one software that places this information at your fingertips.

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True ROI

ROI, otherwise known as Return on Investment, is term used to describe how much it costs to convert your prospect into a customer. ROI Detective provides you with this data to enable you to more efficiently manage your sales and marketing efforts.


Learn how people are finding your business. Did they hear about you from a friend? Or were they just driving by? If they found you via the web, did they use a social media site, a comparison shopping site, or via an internet search on Google? You can even dig deeper to find out what else may have influenced their decision to buy from you. In the process, you’ll also discover the devices they are using to find you whether it’s via mobile, desktop or tablet.


Customer Profiler Tool

Get important demographic and geographic data on your customers. This helps you understand who your typical customer is. ROI Detective takes the guesswork out and gives you the customer information you need.

Data Merging

Find out which of your vendors brings in the best front and back gross profits and more.


ROI Detective was developed by people that know business inside and out. Just like you, we used to rely on incorrect CRM reports and anecdotal information to frame what we knew about our customers. So, we created ROI Detective to change all that. Now you can fine tune your marketing dollars based on the real data delivered right from your customers themselves.

What Types of Businesses Does this Work for?

Your Business! The ROI Detective System is perfect for any business that needs to know what brought a customer through their door. The system is great for attorneys, doctors, dentists, car dealers and more. Plus, we can customize the software to your industry if needed.

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