Are My Customers Paying Attention to TV Ads?

November 13, 2019 Advertising Questions

Is TV advertising still a good investment? In a world where the average American sees as many as 5,000 ads every day, being memorable can seem like an impossible task. The DVR’s ability to allow viewers to skip commercials altogether adds another layer of concern for some businesses who are beginning to consider other platforms.

Whether or not TV advertising is still a good idea depends on your audience. On the one hand, studies show that 95.9% of all U.S. homes have a TV. But not all members of a household are regular viewers. Adults over 18 watch 4.5 hours a day, on average. Adults 65 and older watch an estimated 7 hours a day.

The fact that ads for cars, mobile phones/cable TV and insurance dominate the airwaves prove that companies have this figured out. TV advertising is a successful medium for products purchased mainly by adults. Advertisers know who’s paying the bills for those purchases and where they’re viewing, even if the end user may include the younger generation.

Younger Americans watch significantly less TV overall, and spend an incredible amount of time on their phones instead. Pew research reports that 95% of teens have a smartphone, and that 50% of teenage girls and 39% of teenage boys are classified as near constant users. Companies like Apple, Google and Hulu know this, and advertise heavily on platforms like YouTube.

However, nothing is absolute, and YouTube has broad appeal. Major advertisers know that 90% of 18-44 year olds and half of those 65 or over spend time on YouTube. Because of that, you’ll see that car and insurance companies spend dollars there as well.

In short, it doesn’t matter which platform has the most overall viewers if they’re not viewers who will be interested in your product. Before you commit to an ad buy, make sure you know your customer’s viewing and browsing habits and spend accordingly.