What’s your story?

January 22, 2020 Daily

You know how and why you got into business, but do your customers? More and more, customers want to know about the people and companies they do business with. Telling your story in a clear and compelling way can win trust, build your brand and help you develop loyal, enthusiastic customers. Your story can be shared through just about every part of your business. Below are four easy ways to share your how and your why with the world:

Social Media- Social’s casual, easy to use format makes it easy to share brief, anecdotal stories about how you got your start. Add early versions of logos and old photos if you can. Keep building your story into the present, showing how you’re growing, introducing industry partners. If your company has a charity they like to support, tell customers why you chose it. Share how your business today is or is not the business you set out to build. Be authentic.

Graphic design- Your logo and creative materials can serve as a visual representation. Have you ever noticed the forward arrow hidden in the FedEx logo, or the fact that Baskin-Robbins’ logo has the number 31 (for 31 flavors) drawn in? If you’re due for a logo refresh, or are just starting to develop a logo for a new business, see if you can build a message in.

Website- your website represents valuable sales territory. Rather than just stick your story under an ‘about us’ section that may or may not get read, sprinkle the most interesting bits throughout the site, on the relevant pages. Customers will learn about you, and not just your product or service.

Partnerships- remember when your Mom told you that people would judge you by your friends? Same is true when you’re a business owner. Building strategic partnerships can strengthen both brands, elevating trust and presence in the marketplace.