Successful commercials in the Portland & Vancouver Markets

January 21, 2019 Uncategorized

A new style of marketing appears every second in today’s world because everyone is trying to stand out in the crowd. Many companies will seize on an idea that is quick, simple, and can be packaged with the promise of easy money.  At Raven Marketing we keep our eyes open to new trends in the way that a composer is excited to bring another instrument into their symphony. One such “instrument” Raven Marketing has mastered is commercial spots. You can take a look at our portfolio of work in the following industries:  appliance retail, automotive sales, home improvement, health & wellness, awareness campaigns, and retail TV.

Successful commercials in the Portland & Vancouver markets can create brand equity for your product or service. You can blame it on the adventuresome spirit that remains from those that traveled the Oregon trail, eccentric people, or the love of the natural beauty around us. Whatever it is – the people of the northwest love what lies ahead with a commercial, and this is where we shine. We think this is favorable condition for new companies to step into the spotlight, or demonstrate the change occurring in an established company. Every company needs a partner that will blaze a path for them. Raven Marketing optimizes media buys, employs prudent development, and utilizes cunning execution when it comes to making a commercial. All of this creates a seamless experience from beginning to end – and right now, local TV advertising has a conversions per dollar ratio that is favorable compared to what you might find with snake-oil salesmen or someone that fancies themselves so influential that you’re lucky to deal with them. There’s enough ego to go around in the marketing community but we’d rather roll up our sleeves to create content that speaks clearly and persuasively to your audience without asking for your first-born child in cost.
From informative to serious, silly to heartwarming, we want to make sure we speak to your audience; to create awareness and, with that awareness, word-of-mouth, which is perhaps the most time-honored principle of marketing. First you get seen, then you get experienced, then you get talked about and used again.If you’re a company in this beautiful part of the country give us a call at 503-954-1473 or send a note to our team to determine how we can help your commercial needs.