Keys to a Memorable Radio Ad

October 19, 2017 Advertising Questions

Are you trying to figure out how to create a radio ad that is going to be something your audience remembers? You need to have more than a catchy tune and a little jingle. If you want to make a radio ad that is going to stick in the mind of your audience, then there are a few tips to help. Since more than 90% of Americans tune into the radio each week, you have a solid group of people to speak to, so long as you do it right. Here are the things you need to know prior to creating that perfect ad, to help it get you the results you want.

Tip 1: Know Who You Want to Speak With

On average, Americans spend about 13 hours per week tuned into the radio. This includes audience members of all ages, from teenagers through their grandparents. This gives you a wide range of people to advertise to with each ad you buy. It also means you need to know the audience that you want to speak with when creating a memorable radio ad. You want to make sure you have their demographics narrowed down. If you want to target a young audience, then make sure your ad does not relate to retirement or appear on an older, talk radio station. Also, if your audience is older men, you would not want to target a radio station that plays nothing but hip hop.

Tip 2: Keep It Short

You only have a few seconds to hook listeners. If you do not instantly get them to notice what you have to say, they will either ignore you, or change stations when the ads come on. Make sure you keep to the point, and don’t say more than you need to. The shorter your copy, the less likely people are to ignore your ad.

women speaking into microphoneTip 3: Use a Great Voice

Voiceover actors come in all types. Make sure you match up your ad copy with a person who has a memorable voice. If your ad is meant to target women, use a comforting woman’s voice. If you want to get the attention of children, use a voice that will catch their attention. Make sure you use a voice that your audience is going to be able to relate to.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Don’t get so caught up in the ad copy that you forget the most important part of the ad – the point! Make sure you tell your audience what you want them to do. The call to action tells them to reach out and contact you, buy your service, or whatever it is you are advertising. Make sure that you tell them the action you expect them to make, or there is no point to putting the ad out there in the first place.

chair in field with radio on itTip 5: Create a Memory

When you use print ads, brochures, billboards, or ads on the internet, you have the ability to put an image in front of your audience. You can literally paint a picture for them to see. When creating a radio ad, this is not an option. Instead, you have to use the ad to create that picture for your audience. Use the words you choose for your ad carefully. Add in music in the background to set the scene, and don’t discount background noises to help set the tone. Use as many aspects of your audience’s sense of hearing as possible to create a visual that will stick in their memory.

Tip 6: Remain Familiar to the Minds of Your Audience

Likely one of the most important aspects of a good radio ad is familiarity. You want people to feel a connection with your ads. By offering them something familiar, they will relate to what you have to say. That will help the ad be something that sticks in their minds longer. Set a scene that they understand, and can feel. The more you engage the audience’s senses through familiar jingles, sounds, and visualizations, the more they will respond to your ads when they hear them. Just make sure you use a tune your audience is going to correlate with you each time you have an ad come on. If you keep changing things up, that familiarity with your ads or your jingle will fade.


According to Neilsen, what most companies receive as a return on their investment is around $6 per dollar they spend. Plus, they average just over 15% conversion. If you apply these tips, they will help you make a memorable radio ad. This can help you achieve even better results, plus create an ad that will help your customers remember what you said both today, and well into the future. To find out how creating a memorable radio ad can help your Portland business, contact Raven Marketing at 503-954-1473.