The Value Proposition of OTT Advertising

May 9, 2019 Advertising Questions

OTT (Over the Top Technology) advertising is the newest game in town. OTT refers to the way the first streaming devices sat on top of the traditional cable box, though today smart TVs have made the actual box unnecessary in most cases. This emerging technology has created a new advertising frontier where businesses can reach their customers on entertainment apps like Netflix, You Tube and Hulu as well as on music and messaging apps. If the content is accessed via a streaming device- a smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV or other streaming box, you can now advertise on it.

OTT is scalable, customizable and reasonably budget friendly. It allows you to customize your audience, not just the channel. You can select who sees your ad based on a wide variety of demographic and psychographic factors. Customers can stream content at their convenience rather than having to be in front of the TV at a certain time each week. They can also stream on the go from their mobile devices, allowing them to take their entertainment anywhere in the world. Your ad goes with them

It’s remarkably easy to track viewership on ads delivered through streaming. Data-driven marketing measurements can tell you how many households watched your ad and if they visited your website or social sites after. Many ad packages are pay-per-view rather than pay-per-placement, making them a cost-effective use of valuable advertising dollars.

Most households aren’t completely replacing cable TV. It’s almost impossible to get a streaming system that offers access to local news and sports, which is a must have for most families. A strong marketing plan reaches out across a variety of platforms. OTT advertising should definitely be part of your marketing mix.