Why Using Professional Voiceover Talent Makes Such a Difference

February 24, 2018 Advertising Questions

When it comes to making a good commercial, a lot of things go into it. You must have the right message, the right setting, and the right person behind the message you choose. If you try to do the voiceover yourself or have an amateur do it, people will notice. Anyone who has seen a late-night commercial with an inexperienced furniture salesperson doing a song or dance knows what we’re talking about. It is very important that you have the right delivery method if you want to reach your audience. A professional voiceover can get you there.


Professional Voiceovers Are Obvious

As with any type of talent a person gains, it takes time to perfect. If you hire someone who has taken the time to perfect that talent, it will show. Their delivery will be smoother, their voice will be more compelling, naturally, and your audience will be more engaged. Giving your audience a choppy delivery because you went for a less expensive alternative is much more likely to give you a lower return on investment.

While voiceover talent is not free, it is also not that expensive in most cases, either. Unless you opt to hire a top tier celebrity because you want to have a voice everyone recognizes, you can get a voiceover from a professional talent for a reasonable price. You may think that going with a novice would be less expensive, but that is typically not the case. A novice is going to make mistakes. They will say things differently than you have figured out in your head. This means paying for more time, which could easily end up being more than a single price for someone who knows what they are doing.


With a Professional Voiceover, Your Audience Gets to Connect Emotionally

When you decide to make a commercial, it is to inspire your audience. You want them to react. This could be to call you for help, turn to you for your services, or buy your product. The only way you are going to get people to react is by making sure they feel something. The emotional connection you get from voiceovers depends on the quality of the voice used. If the person saying the words sounds like they are simply reading a script, your audience will be able to tell. However, if you get a person that truly sells your words, your audience will connect. They will feel the connection, which will inspire them to be more apt to take the action you hope for.


Good Voiceovers Also Make Your Commercial More Memorable

One of the goals of all commercials is to inspire an action. For most people, the more they remember a commercial, the more likely they are to react. If you go for a professional voiceover, the commercial will stand out in the mind of your audience. This is especially true if you use a voice people will recognize. Celebrity voices are easy to recognize in many instances, making them an ideal option when you need to find a voice people will relate to.

Whenever the members of your audience think about that celebrity, or that person is in the news, your product, service, or company will come to mind. When you go with a celebrity with a specific image, that image carries over to you as well. When you want a wholesome image for your business, you go with a voice that brings that image to mind. If you want a racy image, where your company is more cutting edge, you find a voice that portrays that as well.


A Professional Voiceover Helps with Your Branding

Something you may not have considered for your commercials is your branding. When you go with different voices for your commercials, none of them will be something that stands out when a person starts to hear it. If you do a few commercials with the same voice, people will begin to associate that voice with your company as soon as it comes on the radio or the television. What you want is a voice that people will associate with your brand from the beginning. If you sell to women, you want a comforting voice that comes across as empowered and informative. When you sell to men, you want a voice that sounds as though the message cuts through the fluff and gets to the point. You need to know your audience and give them what they will respond to. A professional voiceover can help with this task.


Professional Voiceover Actors Save You Time

Today, you can easily obtain basic hardware and software to perform voiceover work on your own. You may even have a good voice. But the truth is, it takes more than that to create a quality voiceover. Other issues affect how well your voiceover turns out. First, the room that you record your VO will have an impact. Most rooms aren’t a good fit acoustically. You’ll most likely end up with unintended ambient noise and echo. Second, since you’re not a professional voiceover expert, you’ll most likely spend much longer trying to record your audio track. Since you don’t have a sound director listening to your takes, you’ll have to record your track, then listen to it, then re-record it. This takes time and can lead to inconsistencies in production values.



When all is said and done, you want your commercial to help increase your bottom line. Spending a little bit more now to get a professional voiceover is much more likely to give you that result. Take the time you need to find the perfect voice to represent who you are and what you have to offer. By getting that perfect voice from the get-go, you have the opportunity to make sure each commercial you release is effective and memorable. Jumping in and trying to do the job yourself or finding an amateur to try and do it for you can cost you.

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